Time to File Your Exemptions

houseDid you purchase a home in 2018?  If so, it’s time to file your exemptions with the county you reside!  Filing a Texas home exemption may reduce the amount of property taxes you are required to pay.  You will only need to file an exemption once, your exemption status is determined by your ownership status on January 1st of that tax year.  The annual deadline to file a new exemption is April 30th.

For several counties you can file your exemption status online, and may  be required to provide a copy of your drivers license when filing.  If your county doesn’t have online filing, you can simply request the required paperwork from the county you reside in so you can fill it out and return it.

If the home purchased in 2018 is your primary residence you may qualify for the Texas homestead exemption.  Why you should file for a Texas homestead exemption you ask?  Because it can reduce the overall tax value of your home by 20%, and can cap the yearly tax value increase to a max of 10%! Who doesn’t like to save money??  Also, if you didn’t purchase your home in 2018, but never filled for a homestead exemption, now is still the time for you to file for this exemption (and you could receive a credit dating back to when you could have originally filed).

There are several other exemptions you may qualify for, even if you didn’t recently purchase a new home.  Did you turn 65 last year?  If yes, you may qualify for the Age 65 and Older Homestead Exemption.  Additional exemptions to review to see if you qualify for are:  Disabled Person Homestead Exemption, Residence Homestead Exemption for Disabled Veteran with 100% Disability, Disabled Veteran or Survivor of a Disabled Veteran, Surviving Spouse of Member of Armed Forces Killed in Action, Agricultural Appraisal, and Tax Deferral of Age 65 or Older or Disabled Homeowner.  Review the guidelines with your county to determine if you qualify for any of these additional exemptions.  Again, the deadline is April 30th so don’t wait too long to get this process started.

Reach out to your local Appraisal District now to begin your exemption filing process now!